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Community Service Activity Patches

12 Days of Jolly Patch Program
Participate in the 12 days of Jolly Patch Program. You can complete the requirements in 1 day, a weekend, 12 days or longer. Click here to download the riddles to complete the program. There is a riddle card for everyday as a suggestion to what to complete on that day.
12 Days of Jolly Patch Program KIT*****
Participate in the 12 days of Jolly Patch Program. You can complete the requirements in 1 day, a weekend, 12 days or longer.
Adopt a Troop
ADOPT A TROOP PATCH PROGRAM Adopt a troop within your neighborhood or through another state. You can contact your service unit manager and ask if there are any new leaders that might want to complete an activity together or go on a field trip together. Younger scouts can adopt kindergarten level. While 4-6th grades can adopt 1-3rd graders etc.
Adopt an Animal Bar
Adopt an animal from a shelter, WWF, or assist someone with pet sitting. Examples or ways to adopt an animal
  • Help an endangered animal through WWF Collect a couple dollars from all participants to adopt an animal.(Provide each participant with a copy of the adoption certificate)
  • Donate Supplies to shelters
  • Use your special skills to volunteer, make flyers, or blankets for animals at shelters
  • Volunteer to groom or walk your neighbor or friends animal
  • Volunteer to pet animals at shelters
  • Spread the word about adopting animals
  • Complete or participate in an animal food and supply drive
Australia (Reaching out to Help KIT 2020)
A donation will be made to assist those in need. You can also purchase the patch separately: Australia Help Patch **Assist families **Provide bandages and medicine for an injured koala **Assist in restoring forests and damaged wildlife habitat
  • Included in Kit
  • (1) Australia Reaching Out to Help Patch
  • (1) Custom sticker that matches patch
  • (1) Koala Postcard with information about Koalas on the back
  • (1) Activity packet about Australia
  • (1) Reward certificate for donation
  • $3.00Add
    Australia (Reaching out to Help PATCH 2020)
    Purchase this patch if you already donated to Australia in need on your own.
    Birthday Bags
    Collect items for kids that usually don't receive a birthday party. Drop them off at your local food pantry. They accept them all year long. When parents come to pick up food that week, if a child in their family has a birthday that month then they will receive a special birthday bag. You can also do this as a community service activity for the SCOUT BIRTHDAY or JULIETTE LOW'S BIRTHDAY events. If you are collecting a large amount of bags you may want to call the location ahead of time to see how many they can take or if you can get specific gender and ages to create the bags. ** The PINK and BLUE year bar can be added for just $1 for each year you participate.**
    Blank Patches [3 inches blue]
    Create your own patch by drawing the design with thin sharpies. You can also paint a design with acrylic paints and once it dries write lettering on it. Create your own rubber stamp or use an in stock stamp to create a unique design. The artistic ideas are endless. CONTACT US AT if you would like a certain color, size or shape!
    Blue Angel Community Service Projects (2019-20)
    Complete 3 community service projects from the list. Come up with an idea on your own or follow our suggestions. Projects this year include: school supplies, food, gifts, clothing, cards, books, baskets, art projects, and recycling.
    Boo at the Zoo (patch program) (2 inch patch)
    It’s time to “get your Spook On” at your local zoo and attend the event “Boo at the Zoo,” this year many are doing a new drive-thru “merry not scary” adventure! View a variety of Halloween-themed areas, carved pumpkins and illuminated light shows!
    Book Fairy
    Be a book fairy. 1. Gather your gently used or new books and place each one with a book fairy tag. (Download your Fairy Book tags here) 2. You can tie your tag with a ribbon or simply place it inside the book as a bookmark. 3. Drop off or deliver your books to assisted living homes, hospitals, place them in overseas boxes for soldiers, jared boxes, pajama project, or simply give a book to a friend, grandmother, teacher etc. 4. Purchase your patch and wear it with pride. If someone asks about the project let them know how they can be a book fairy too!
    Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon
    Wear this patch if are supporting breast cancer awareness.
    Butterfly patch and information card
    Create a butterfly craft, learn about butterflies and migration, camouflage and the life stages of caterpillar to butterfly. Make butterfly decorations or cookies or participate in a community service project about butterflies. Colorful informational card to collect and keep for future projects.
    Butterfly Project
    Create a butterfly house, learn about butterflies, grow butterflies, learn about caterpillar to butterfly stages, make butterfly decorations or cookies, or participate in a community service project about butterflies. Click here for the free kit to use: BUTTERFLY PROJECT FREE KIT
    Camp Home (BAR BUNDLES)
    BAR Requirements:
  • Virtual School - Complete an assignment, talk to your teacher, watch educational videos, or participate in a virtual classroom.
  • Acts of Kindness - Do a random act of kindness for someone either online or for your family or friend. Use our "Kindness Slips" for slips of ideas to put in a jar/box to complete this bar.
  • Virtual Scouting - Meet online for a virtual meeting, explore websites, learn coding, or watch informational videos. Use our Patch Kits to complete this bar.
  • Rock My Room - Redecorate, organize, or spring clean your room. Take something old and turn it into something new!
  • Movie Madness- Watch a new movie or do a movie marathon of your favorites while you're at home. Use our Troop 0, movie passport, or any other movie kits to complete this bar.
  • Fun in the Kitchen - Try a new recipe, watch a cooking show, or organize your kitchen. Use our Cookie Challenge kit to complete this bar.
  • Games - Play a familiar game, make up your own game, explore online games, or play a game with friends virtually! Grab any of our puzzles or games to complete this bar.
  • Try Something New - Complete some things that are new to you! It can be a new craft, a new TV show, a new art technique, etc. Use our "Something New" bingo sheet to complete this bar.
  • FREE WORKSHEETS mailed WITH PURCHASE OF PATCH. Just add the item to your cart!
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    Camp Home patch
    PATCH Requirements: ADD ON BARS AVAILABLE 1. Help your parents tidy around the house while you're at "Camp Home." 2. Teach a sibling, family member, or contact your friend online to teach something new. 3. Gain more responsibility by taking care of a sibling, doing laundry, feeding a pet, or taking the trash out.
    Camp Home Patch with Bar Bundle
    Camp Home Patch and Bars to mark your accomplishments.
    Patch Details: [3 inch wide x 2 inches] 75% embroidered Create Cardz for Kidz that are Ill Detailed information of how to create the cards is listed on this link.
    Care Package Rocker
    This rocker can be added to any of our circle patches to mark that you sent or created care packages to an organization or project.
    Chalk the Walks with Holiday bar
    Chalk the Walks during any holiday time. winter spring fall summer Have fun.
    Collect your change to change someone's life. Because your change can help an organization make someones life easier.
    Christmas Cards for Soldiers (Operation:)--SYMBOLS NEW!!
    Operation: Cards for soldiers can be mailed anytime of the year to the organization. They create bags and send them to soldiers during the holiday season.
    Christmas Cards for Soldiers KIT for 1
    All items listed are placed in this kit Items Included:
    • Operation: Christmas Cards for Soldiers patch (1)
    • Holiday Foam Shapes and Stickers for 1 card
    • Holiday Pencil (1)
    • Card and envelope (1)
    • Winter Fun Activity Sheet (1)
    • Cute Eraser (1)
    Christmas Cards for Soldiers KIT for 10
    All items listed are placed in this kit Items Included:
    • Operation: Christmas Cards for Soldiers patch (10)
    • Holiday Foam Shapes and Stickers for 10 cards
    • Holiday Pencil (10)
    • Cards and envelopes (10)
    • Winter Fun Activity Sheet (10)
    • Cute Eraser (10)
    Christmas in July
    Christmas in July Patch Program Complete one of the following requirements to earn the patch 1. Watch a Christmas or Holiday themed movie OR read a book. 2. Sing holiday songs. For extra, wear your Santa hat or holiday themed clothing. 3. Complete a winter or Christmas themed craft. Examples: Jingle bell necklace, paper craft, bracelet kit, movie themed kit, or an ornament. 4. Create some holiday themed snacks or food. Cookies, cupcakes, hot cocoa, Christmas tree waffles (dyed green), red and green fruit/veggie platter with yummy dip, spinach dip with twisty bread sticks, OR popcorn with chocolate candies. The ideas are endless. 5. Some Australians celebrate Christmas in July for fun. It is winter in July____------------more
    Christmas in July KIT
      Included in Kit
    • Christmas in July patch
    • 1 candy cane (5 metal charms, string, 25 red, white and blue beads.
    • Holiday pencil and eraser Designs will vary on pencils.
    • Wreath foam craft
    • 1 stocking (use for game/give away}
    • Scavenger Hunt List
    • word search
    Clothing Drive Rocker (donations of clothing)
    This rocker can be added to any of our circle patches to mark that you donated clothing to to the organization or project.
    Color Run Patch

    The Color Run is a five-kilometer, untimed event, full of color.Participants wear white at the starting line and finish the race decorated in color. Fun Color Powder:At each kilometer mark, Color Runners are sprinkled with a different colored powder. Trained powder tossers are trained not to hit the facial area. The color powder is all certified non-toxic and free of any heavy metals. The ingredients are a combination of cornstarch, baking soda, and FD&C (food-safe) dyes.

    Cookies Love them!
    I Love Cookies Mini Patch Program [1 1/2 inch size] 1. Make cookies. What kind did you bake? 2. Donate cookies you made or purchased to someone in need. 3. Make shapes or special designs using cookie dough. 4. Sell cookies or help someone with a bake sale.
    Creating Blankets for Those in Need - NEW DESIGN / Circle
    This patch is remembrance of a great project assisting those in need. Participants of all ages can create blankets and distribute them to a variety or organizations such as hospitals, shelters, and orphanages. Place a year rocker around this patch for each year you complete it!
    Donated cookies
    Choose this patch if you donated cookies to someone. It can be an organization or a person. Add the 2014 bar to go underneath it to mark the year. All of our patches are embroidered. A graphic is used until a sew out
    Donation Bar
    This bar can be added to any of our circle patches to mark that you donated to to the organization or project.
    Dream Rocket Project Patch
    You can be a part of the Saturn V Rocket Quilt AND the Dream Rocket Express Tour! Be a part of the world's largest collaborative art project displayed on a rocket in May and June 2014. Your art will be displayed around the United States and on the rocket located at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama. VISIT OUR WEBSITE FOR MORE INFORMATION!!!
    Earth Day Groceries Project Patch [2.75 inch patch]
    The Earth Day Groceries Project is a cost-free environmental awareness project in which participants decorate paper grocery bags with environmental messages for Earth Day. Examples: Save the Seals, recycle, Protect our earth, plant more trees, water conservation, earth day, and planet protection.
    Earth Day Patch
    You can learn how to help the environment around you. Everything we do can help the world a better place. Complete one requirement to earn your Earth Day patch. Click here for the free kit to use: Free Kit to download and print out
    Earth Hour 2021
    Earth Hour 2021 will be at 8:30 PM - 9:30 PM on Saturday, March 27 OR gather your group together and create an earth hour for everyone to participate in.
    Earth Hour-- 2020
    To participate in EARTH HOUR- Earth Hour 2020 will be at 8:30 PM - 9:30 PM on Saturday, March 28 On Saturday, March 28th at 8:30pm local time, the Empire State Building, the Space Needle, Niagara Falls, and millions of people, landmarks, cities and businesses from around the world will turn off their lights for one hour to celebrate Earth Hour. Don't forget to let your group or family know to participate and earn their patch to show they were involved.
    Envelope Artist Rocker
    This is the Envelope Artist rocker to go with the Sunday Friends patch. Don't forget to purchase your patch to represent the Sunday Friends Organization. You can help by volunteering, donating, creating artist envelopes, or soap for hope. Browse under each rocker to see how you can assist more. Envelopes can be mailed to: Sunday Friends 730 Story Road, Suite 3, San Jose, CA 95122
    Fall Fun Patch Program [2.5 inch patch]
    Have some fall fun and earn this patch. You only need to complete one fall activity to earn the patch. Some activity suggestions: 1. Participate in a fall festival or create one of your own. Some fun activities include: Pumpkin rolling contest, square dancing, masquerade balls, contest or costume competitions, bake-offs, fall flings, bobbing for apples, etc.
    Flower Garden patch and card
    Learn about different flowers, planting flowers, community service, flowers, parts of a flower, pollination, and create food and crafts with a flower theme. This is a fun way to learn about flowers, pollination, your birthday month flower, or create projects and play games with a flower theme. Children may have already earned this patch in school.
    Food Drive Rocker
    This rocker can be added to any of our circle patches to mark that you donated food to to the organization or project.
    Food for Friends [laser cut bag]
    Collect food for those in need, sort food at food banks, or deliver food.
    Food for Friends (turkey on the box)
    Collect food for those in need, sort food at food banks, or deliver food.
    Game Night Patch
    Complete ONE REQUIREMENT to earn your GAME NIGHT patch Patch Details: (2.5 inch patch-85% embroidered)
    Gingerbread House and Winter Fun (GREEN)
    Some suggestions of WINTER OR HOLIDAY FUN activities: Complete one or create your own requirement. 1. Have a holiday potluck with family or your group. 2. Build a gingerbread house or make holiday cookies. 3. Attend a holiday parade, event, or play in your community. 4. Build a snowman or drink hot cocoa with friends or family.
    Golden Ribbon of H.O.P.E. [Helping Oncology Patients Everywhere]
    This program was created to learn more about cancer awareness and to teach others how they can help children, patients, and families that are going through the crisis of cancer within their family. Complete ONE requirement to earn the patch. Click here for the free kit to use: Golden Ribbon of H.O.P.E. [Helping Oncology Patients Everywhere] FREE KIT
    Halloween Boo-tiful Card Making
    This is a great patch to reward those that made cards for kids, soldiers, elderly or pass around to friends. Add a card to a trick or treat bag, candy for soldiers or just drop them off at hospitals or elderly facilities.
    Halloween Candy Donated to Soldiers
    Patch Details: 2.5 inch patch (95% embroidered) Earn this patch by donating Halloween Candy to any soldier or veteran.
  • Find a location you can MAIL or DROP OFF your Halloween Candy. Most dentists participate in the program and ship the candy out for you.
  • Enter your zip code on the link and they will give you a list of places you can drop the candy off. Click here to find a location
  • $1.35Add
    Halloween Card Making for 10 people (make and give away)
    Create cards for kids in the hospital, soldier, elderly , etc. Kit for 10 people includes: (complete Virtually or home)
  • (10) Boo-tiful Card Creations patch
  • (20)Foam shapes
  • (10)Halloween sticker boxes
  • (10)Halloween stencil
  • (10)Card with envelope
  • (10)Halloween Word Search for you
  • $24.99Add
    Hanging with my Peeps 2021
    Hanging with my Peeps Patch Program (2.50 INCH PATCH -95% EMBROIDERED) Choose one item to do with your Peeps. 1. Hang with your peeps 2. Create arts and crafts. 3. Bake or create a snack. 4. Compete in a competition or enter a contest.

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