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Misfit Sock Angel

Our Price: $2.00

Create a priceless gift from a misfit sock, give it to someone in need of a smile and became a MISFIT SOCK ANGEL

Through the Misfit Sock Angels program lonely misifit socks become priceless gifts of JOY for those in need and YOU become an "angel" for helping make that happen.

Misfit socks can be created into so many wonderful gifts for the holiday season. In order to earn your angel wings, you should complete one of the following gift-making projects.
Collect items, create the socks, create a card or deliver the items.

How do I get started?

First Flight: You might think about becoming acquainted with the misfit sock pile on your laundry room floor. You know the pile - those socks that have lost their match during the laundry cycle- we all have one. That's where we found the misfit sock magic, and still do.

Gather your clean misfit socks to stuff

Use your detective work, and find out who would like your STUFFED MISFIT SOCKS.
Place items in your socks that the recipient would enjoy as a gift.

Some suggestions are:

  • Children or adults in need of a Holiday smile [pens, markers, candies, jingle bell necklaces]

  • Animal Toys for local animal shelters.

  • You can also create them for family shelters.

  • Assisted Living homes

  • The ideas are endless...

Gather your supplies you need.

  • Items can be found at the local dollar store to stuff your socks.

  • You can collect new items from your group or purchase your own items to place in the misfit socks.

  • Suggestions for children are: jingle bell necklaces, pens, candies, and small toys.

  • Elderly: Puzzle books, adult coloring books, colored pencils, pens, tissues, and jingle bell necklaces.

Create your misfit sock gift.
Don't forget that all Misfit Sock Angels tie their gifts with a note of JOY to celebrate the season.

Now you must now FLY [deliver] to your destination and present your gift. You can decide to do this quietly or go as a group.

Earn a patch by becoming a misfit sock angel.

An annual bar is available so you can complete the wonderful project every year!

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