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#13-Juliette Low Series#13- [Victorian Holiday][11 left]
Revised requirements to introduce celebrating the holidays with homemade crafts and Victorian celebrations.
Art Fee for graphic image
Art Fee for graphic image
Camp Crossroads shirts
Camp Crossroads shirts CUSTOM ORDER
Please note that our catalog is now located on line. and click on the catalog button. If you would like to have a printed catalog you can request one and we will mail you a black and white version to view.
Cookie Booth Sale Patch (17 left)
Earn this patch by volunteering, helping, making signs, selling, or buying cookies from a booth.
Cookie Rally patch
What is a cookie rally? A Cookie Rally is an event that kicks off the sale of cookies.
Correct OR ADD a credit card for a purchase
Add this item to your cart if you are correcting or adding a credit card number for a purchase. Make sure you place the sales order # , invoice #, or description of order that was emailed to you when you check out.
Place this item in your cart to replace the credit card that you used for your purchase this could be to replace a declined card, card with invalid numbers etc. Please refer to your invoice or sales order number that was emailed to you under comments when you check out.
Custom Order
This code is used for the customer to charge the full amount of the custom order so we can proceed with the purchase of their special event items. Please write in comments item number, description, and quantity. Follow up with a sales agreement via email, mail, or fax.
Custom Order Deposit
This is item code is used for customers who are ordering a custom patch and need to place their $50.00 deposit on line so we can proceed with the graphic design of their special event patch.
Echo Breco Art Fee
When you check out you will notice that there is a shipping charge. The shipping charge will be deleted when the initial charge goes through on your card. All cards are charged by our personnel in our OFFICE not online. The amount that will be charged is the amount that is shown on your invoice/emailed to you.
Ellis Island/Liberty Island Patch
IF YOU VISITED ELLIS ISLAND OR LIBERTY ISLAND YOU EARNED THIS PATCH ! You can also earn this patch if you have not visited the islands.
Gift Card
Gift Card for $25 A code will be emailed to you to redeem your card.
Green Blood Pin
This pin is perfect for you if you are a member of the GreenBlood Adult groups. The pin does not have a red center, it is from the reflection of the camera flash when the photo was taken. You may also like the GreenBlood patch
Holiday or Winter Fun patches to choose from
Click on image for a list of items to choose for your holiday or winter fun (Click on the name to view the patch)
Juliette Low Kit
Use this kit to complete the Juliette Low patch program. If you have already earned one of our Juliette Low patches then you only need to complete ONE requirement to earn another patch in the series. Have a Juliette Low Celebration playing Victorican games and crafts. Her Birthday is October 31, earn this patch by celebrating her birthday with a Masquerade Ball, Birthday Celebration, Picnic, and much more. March 12th marks the date of...
Need Asap
If you need your order ASAP please let us know under comments the date you would like your items delivered. You can also choose Priority mail or EXPRESS mail when you check out for faster delivery
Next Day Shipping [24-48 hours--depending on your location]
Update your order from First Class to Next Day Shipping.
Pot of Gold Mystery Bag -- $3
A mystery pot of gold bag! But for $3.00, you can get a cool mysterious assortment of patches and items from us! You could get anything from a beautiful Juliette Low patch to a wizard patch! Don't you want to find out what you can get?
Pot of Gold Mystery Bag -- $5
An awesome pot of gold bag! It's a mystery! But for $5.00, you can get a cool mysterious assortment of patches and items from us! You could get anything from a bracelet kit to a beautiful Juliette Low patch! Don't you want to find out what you can get?
Priority Shipping
Update your shipping from First Class to Priority.
Replace the credit that was used on another transaction
This item lets us know that you are replacing the credit card information that was provided for your transaction. This could be that your card was invaild etc.
Savannah Georgia Historically Speaking Patch
Savannah, Georgia is one of the largest historic district in the United States. Discover ghost tales, gingerbread houses, salt, candles, belly dancing and a waving girl. Click here for the free kit to use: SAVANNAH, GEORGIA FREE KIT
Social Media Savvy! [3 tall inch patch]
To earn this patch you have to complete ONE requirement. Talk to the participants about what Social media is. Make sure they understand the importance of what they share in texting, online, or through APPS. Your accounts should be marked on private and only shared with reliable friends and family members. CLICK THE PATCH TO SEE THE ONE REQUIREMENT TO COMPLETE
Superhero Volunteer Keychain-[2 inch circle with key ring]
Superhero Volunteer Keychain [2 inch circle--with key ring] Blank on the back Great to give out at the end of year for gifts.
Superstar Leader (KEY CHAIN)
Super Star Leader KeyChain [2 inch X 2 inch] (Front and back image) 100% embroidered Reward yourself or give as gifts to volunteers.
Sweetfrog Tour [contact your local sweetfrog]
Contact your local Sweetfrog to kickoff the school year! They now can take Service Units and large groups! Patch included! Contact your local Sweetfrog to sign up your group, troop, service unit, pack meeting, AHG, homeschoolers and much more!
Perfect shirt for your 18 inch doll.
Women's right to vote patches
Women's write to vote anniversary
CUSTOM ORDER---MIN ORDER 50 pieces 6 girls in a row Contact us for pricing 3 1/4 inches wide X 2 inches

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