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Artist in the Making (4 left)

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This patch program was a gold award created to address the issue of reducing the stress of hospitalized children through art therapy. Less stress helps overall health and better healing. Art helps children express hidden emotions, reduces stress, fear, and anxiety and provides a sense of freedom. It can also be used to distract patients from the pain caused by illnesses or treatments.

This patch program will guide you through your service project where you will:
1.) Collect: art supplies
2.) Create: gift baskets/boxes
3.) Donate: to local children's hospitals or Ronald McDonald Houses.

Girls in all program levels can complete this patch program. Adults are encouraged to adapt the
activities to be age appropriate for their girls. Older girls could work with younger participants.

You can also add a year rocker to the patch or a donation rocker.

To earn this patch there are THREE simples steps:

1.) COLLECT/PURCHASE: Find a local children’s Hospital OR Ronald McDonald House that could use the art supplies for children. Collect or purchase what is needed.
Items to think about:
• Colored Pencils
• Crayons
• Washable Markers
• Pencils
• Erasers
• Stencils
• Water colored Paint
• Paint Brushes
• Pads of drawing paper/coloring books

2.) CREATE. Create gift baskets or gift bags to put the art supplies in. Be creative when making these. There are plenty of options, for instance, make a gift basket with your group and cover it with cellophane or make smaller bags with crayons, markers and a coloring book so individual children can get their own supplies. For extra, you can create a card to place in the bag or basket. Make sure you DON'T sign you last name.

3.) DONATE. Donate these supplies to a local Children’s Hospital or Ronald McDonald House where the children can enjoy them.

4) Purchase your patch to show you participated. You can also purchase a year rocker.
Click MORE INFO to see annual rocker.

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