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Bear Hug

Our Price: $1.35

Collect or purchase teddy bears and drop them off at local fire departments, police stations, Ronald McDonald houses, or hospitals. Many teddy bears are given out each year to assist in calming tramitized children and grieving mothers. In addition, Bears are given to children and adults in need including the victims of floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, and domestic violence both in the United States and abroad.

Join the forces and collect or create your own bear to donate to someone in need of a comforting hug. Don't forget to purchase your patch as a reward. Donate bears to those in need of a hug. This project was started to give children or adults a hug when they most need it. The bear gives them comfort in knowing someone cares and bear to hang on to when times are tough.

Suggestions for Organizations you can assist:

You will need to contact the community facilities to see who will accept bears for donation or if they have to be NEW. Some examples include: Disaster Relief Victims, family shelters, foster care facility, hospital wings children that are ill, elderly, and soldiers. The list is endless of the people that need a bear or to show someone that you care.

For extra, you can create a card or place a note on the bear.

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