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Christmas Cards for Soldiers (Operation:)--SYMBOLS NEW!!

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Operation: Cards for soldiers can be mailed anytime of the year to the organization. They create bags and send them to soldiers during the holiday season.

Earn this patch by making cards for the soldiers. Bring them on base (if you have permission) or Mail them to:
Diane Schneider
12 Wave Lane
Carolina Shores, NC 28467

Size of the cards: The typical size of the cards should be a piece of card stock folded in half.

CLICK HERE FOR A TEMPLATE TO CREATE YOUR HOLIDAY CARDS You can print the template on cardstock and fold them in half for decorations.

Decorations on cards:
No puffy paint, glitter or anything that could fall off into a wound. Words of thanks and support...please no "get well". No images of war, guns, etc. Just make them happy!

Lettering on cards: The type of cards should be: Thinking of you, patriotic, thank you, cheerful cards or Happy Holidays

What should I write inside the card?:Every card should have a message written inside.
If you are writing a message you can start off with “Dear Hero” or something similar.
This makes it appropriate for any military unit service member.

You can also place a simple message inside like “thinking of you”, “thank you for your service” Write from the heart.

How should I sign the card? Sign with your FIRST name and state or group name or troop number.

No envelopes are needed for your cards!

Who gets the cards?:Cards are sent in stockings filled with holiday gifts and cards to our military hospitals overseas.

So many scouts, schools, and churches have sent cards over the years. Last year more than 10,000 cards of encouragement and appreciation were sent to the troops.

Mail to:
Diane Schneider
12 Wave Lane
Carolina Shores, NC 28467

Click here for the Operation Quiet Comfort website

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