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Christmas in July

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Christmas in July Patch Program

Complete one of the following requirements to earn the patch

1. Watch a Christmas or Holiday themed movie OR read a book.
2. Sing holiday songs. For extra, wear your Santa hat or holiday themed clothing.
3. Complete a winter or Christmas themed craft. Examples: Jingle bell necklace, paper craft, bracelet kit, movie themed kit, or an ornament.
4. Create some holiday themed snacks or food. Cookies, cupcakes, hot cocoa, Christmas tree waffles (dyed green), red and green fruit/veggie platter with yummy dip, spinach dip with twisty bread sticks, OR popcorn with chocolate candies. The ideas are endless.
5. Some Australians celebrate Christmas in July for fun. It is winter in July so they have a Christmas celebration with their friends and family on July 25th. Find out more about Australia like the flag, where it is located, and unique animals. (They still celebrate in December 25th)
6. Play some fun games that represent Christmas or winter. Fill a stocking of items up and pass it around. Have the participants write down what they think is inside. Other games ideas are: hot potato, using a holiday item; Santa May I, instead of Mother May I; jingle ball toss in cups, Reindeer tag on land or across the width of the pool on the low end.
7. Learn more about Christmas traditions or foods in other countries. Complete our Christmas around the world patch kit or program. Try a game, craft, tradition, or food.
8. Fill up a shoebox or stocking and donate it to the needy OR create cards for soldiers OR make cookies. They accept them all year long. Any community service is a great gift to give anytime of the year. (Jared Box, Pajama Program, and more)
9. Exchange small gifts with your friends. They can each be a $2 min gift and everyone shops at the dollar store or they can make a gift.
10. Go on a scavenger hunt and see who can find the most things in the time allotted. Create your own list or use the list in our kit. Example: tree, something red, bow, wrapping paper, etc.
11. Have a party or a get together with your family or friends. Plan some fun things to do. For fun make invitations with a Christmas theme.
12. Keep it cool during your Christmas in July theme. Make icy drinks, milkshakes, frozen fruit drinks, snow cones, ice cream cones or sundaes. The ideas are endless.

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