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Poppy Wall of Valor PATCH (join scouts and students across America)

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Help join scouts and students across America pay tribute to those that lost their lives in WWII by creating RED poppies for the wall and earn a remembrance patch for it.

Your poppy will be on display at the National Museum of the Mighty Eighth Air Force in Savannah Georgia.

Simple Steps to earn your patch shown above and have your artistic poppy on display at the museum.

Who can make the poppies?
Students, children, scouts, adults, anyone that wants to contribute to this display.

    Please be creative as you would like. (no glitter is allowed) Glitter paint or glue is allowed if it doesn't flake off when dry.)

  • Use these templates or ideas to create your poppies

  • Poppies need to be at least 3 inch in diameter. They can be at big as 6 inches.

  • You can make the poppies flat (colored and cut out) OR 3-D and poofy (gluing petals in layers)

  • You can many different materials. (construction paper, tissue paper, coffee filters, red cupcake liners, felt, red paper, vellum, or fabric. The ideas are endless.

  • You can use paint, watercolors, colored pencils, markers, to add color to your paper or coffee filters.

  • Want to add a green stem to your poppy? Use a green pipe cleaner attached to the back of the poppy. Stems are not needed but can be added if you want

  • Make sure each flower is fully assembled and cut out. It needs to be fully completed and ready to hang on the wall when received.

  • Participants can place their first name and last initial on the back of the poppy.

  • All poppies need to be dropped off or mailed to the following address:
    Mighty Eighth Museum Education Department
    P O Box 1992
    Savannah, GA 31402
  • Don't forget to purchase your participation patch (ONLY sold here at Patchwork Designs. Inc.)

Why red poppies?
The regions of the battlefield was a countryside of mud and dirt. Yet, after the war red poppies started sprouting up creating a field of flowers.
In addition, red poppies has been used for many years to raise money for the veterans.

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