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Traveling Apron

Our Price: $1.75

How do I get started?

First, gather your group or family to participate in the spread the bread project, by making some bread for someone in need.

How do get an apron ?

Purchase an apron or use a newly one you already have. You can buy one online at Patchwork Designs, Inc or at your local store.

What do I do with the apron?

Sign the apron and or decorate it. Have fun--share the apron and its story with friends and community members/school.

What happens when the apron is signed and completely cover in signatures and decorations?

If you are participating in a large neighborhood or service unit event. You can have a drawing for the apron after your event.

Otherwise, you can return the apron to the group that started the project or donate it to a non-profit organization that will be ale to use it.

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