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Valentines For Veterans and Leap Year Activity Kit (2020)

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You can also purchase the kits separately:
Valentine and Leap Year Kit for 1
Leap Year Kit for 10
Leap Year kit for 1
Valentine Kit for 10
Valentine Kit for 1

Make cards and have a fun leap year party or activity!
Colors will vary on items in kit.
$4.99 a person

Valentines for Veterans (Valentine Kit for 10)
Make a Valentine for a Veteran to brighten their day.

    Included in Kit
  • (10)Valentines for Veterans PATCHES- DATED 2020 ($20 Value)

  • (10) Valentine Pencils

  • (10) Valentine for Veterans certificates

  • (10) Valentine Activity Sheet

  • (30)Valentine stickers and foam shapes

  • (10)Valentine card and envelope to decorate

  • (2)Valentine stampers (not shown)

  • Make a Valentine for a Veteran to brighten their day.
  • Included in LEAP YEAR Kit

  • (10)Leap Year PATCHES- DATED 2020 ($20 Value)

  • (10) Valentine's Day Cards with frogs (to exchange with each other)

  • (10) Leap Year Booklets and coloring sheets

  • (10) Frog Tattoos

  • (10)Frog Leap Year Stickers

  • (1)Frog Valentine stuffed animal (use for games and a bingo prize)

  • (10)Bingo sheets and 3 lily pads for games (use stickers or tattoos for prizes)


1. Cards can be created in every shape and size — and are made with everything from tissue paper, stickers, and colored doilies to crayons, construction paper, and rubber stamps. Please do not place glitter on the cards.

You can send a store-bought valentine; hand-crafted cards, however, make Veterans feel extra special. Valentines of all shapes, sizes, and colours are welcome. However, valentines that are greeting-card size are easier to package and distribute.

FREE!! Template to create valentines [4 different designs to use]

2. Please do not include candy or chocolate with the valentines. Do not use sparkles or materials that easily break off the valentines.

3. Participants can sign their first name. However, do not include addresses or phone numbers.

4. Do not put individual valentines in sealed envelopes. Send a single large envelope containing all of the valentines.

5. Do not put the date or year on the valentines.

6. Make sure the participants are aware of who Veterans are—they are living and were men and women who served in the military. Avoid using "RIP" and images related to violence or death such as graveyards or guns.

7. If you would like to write in the card, tell the Veteran why they are important, what you plan to do this year to remember our nation's proud military history, or the reason you want to wish them a Happy Valentine's Day. Thank the Veteran for his or her service. You can write a poem or include one of significance to Valentine's Day or to Veterans, such as, "Roses are Red".

8. Drop off or mail your cards to the nearest Veterans Medical center.

The veterans would be thrilled if you could drop off your valentines in person at your local VA hospital. If you don't know where your local VA Center is click on this link to find a location near you.


Click on the above link, the state you live in, and then click on the facility near you.

It will provide you with an address, phone number, and contact to deliver or mail your valentines to.

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