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Legwarmers, video rentals, Moonwalk dance, Jordache jeans, Pac Man games, Care Bears, Rubik's cube, and "totally" 80's slang.

Ideas for Decorations, Attire, Refreshments, and Photo

Focal point coming into the event:

Using poster board , several pieces taped together, creating
an arch walk through. Trim the top to create an arch at the
top. Cover the poster board with music notes, metallic fabric,
neon fabric, or any other 80’s items. Attach it around the
doorway with packing tape. {You may want to create it in two
separate pieces so you can transport it to your event.} For
extra, you can cut out silhouettes of a dancer, a fashion
item, or another item from poster board and place it on the
bottom of the arch.

Attire: For this event you can wear
neon colors, leggings, leg warmers, exercise outfits, glittery
or sequined clothing. See our 80’s kit for more ideas, including
hair styles.

But keep in mind, most facilities don’t allow
glitter or feather boas with outfits

Decorations inside the facility: Decorations
could include participants decorating a star, music note,
sunglasses. You can create them out of construction paper
and/or poster board. It would be a cute idea to use neon or
metallic colored poster board!

Each group could receive a pattern for the
decoration. Collect the decorations at the next leader meeting
before the dance. Before the guests arrive tape them on the
wall behind the tables. Personal touch yet very festive. Cuts
down on cost for the event as well.

Refreshments: Festive tablecloths in
bright colors such as yellow, neon colors, or metallics should
cover the tables. Place a plastic basket of cookies, pretzels,
and/or candies on each table with a brightly lined bowl. Water
bottles can be placed on each table and you can stick neon
stickers on them.

Use a piece of neon cardstock folded over to
place on each table with the name of the group.

Extra: Take photos of each group or
if it is a parent/daughter event take pictures of couples.
A backdrop could be a black sheet with stars attached to it.
You can also stamp stars on the fabric as well or stencil
the lettering "Awesome 80’s" on the backdrop. You could also
have an some items to hold like a microphone. Child sits on
stool and parent stands.

See us for custom stamps or to customize a patch.

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