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Afghanistan Patch

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The landmark on the patch is the symbol of Afghanistan's independence. It was build after Afghanistan obtained its freedom from Great Britain. Thank you to Mursal N. an exchange student from Afghanistan going to school in up state NY that helped us create the program for this patch.


1. Locate Afghanistan on a world map. Which continent is it located on? What is the capital city? Name some of Afghanistan's neighboring countries.

2. Afghanistan is a multi-ethnic society (some examples of ethnic groups are: Pashtun, Hazara, Tajik, Uzbak). Choose an ethic group to learn more about. Example: where they live, language and clothing.

3. Dari (similar to Persian) and Pashto are the official languages of Afghanistan, making bilingualism very common. Learn a few words and phrases.

4. Have you heard of the world's two biggest and largest Buddha statues? Afghanistan is rich on its unique cultural heritages and natural creations. Choose a place or area to learn more about. Some examples are: (Darulaman Palace, The Blue Mosque, The Minaret of Jam, The Buddha Status, and Band-e-Amir).

5. Afghanistan is known worldwide for its hospitable people and for producing some of the finest pomegranates, grapes, apricots, melons, and several other fresh and dry fruits, including nuts. Try some food, visit a restaurant with Afghan food, or prepare some food that is native to the Afghan culture.

6. There are many public holidays and festivals in Afghanistan. Some examples are: New Year (Naw Roz), Independence Day, Ramadan, Eid ul Fitr, and Eid ul Adha). Choose one of these celebrated holidays and research on what day do they celebrate it, and the reasons behind it.

7. Many of Afghanistan's handicrafts are sold in the market. They are famous for their woven rugs created in various designs, sizes, and colors. Other handicrafts include: sewing, jewelry making, and crocheting. Create a craft or project using a traditional design, or buy a handicraft, or find out more about the products.

8. Flying kite is one of the popular amusements in Afghanistan. Learn how to fly a kite or create/design your own kite.

9. Complete a community service project helping others in your area, Afghanistan, or assisting the military soldiers that are deployed in Afghanistan. Examples: scarves for sandstorms, shoeboxes or stockings to soldiers, bring a smile to an orphan, or collect needed items to help your community.

10. The first Afghan female governor is Habiba Surabi. When was she inaugurated? How does her position effect the lives of other Afghan women? Find out about women status in Afghanistan?

11. Afghanistan scouts were founded by royal mandate in 1931 by king Nadir Shah, dissolved in 1947, but re-established by 2002 in Kabul Afghanistan. Find out more about Afghan Scouts or take action to help in any possible way or become a sister/brother scout to a troop. Some things that can be done to support Afghan scout are donating boy/girl scout supplies, camping supplies, and other scout fun supplies.

12. Games played by children in Afghanistan are simple and fun. Some include hide-and-seek, hopscotch, carved dolls, boojoolibaazi or marbles.

13. Legends have been passed down for many years through the trade route. The stories of their adventures and stories from thousands of years ago. Read a story, legend, OR listen to a legend or play OR act out a story.

14. Traditional clothing for special occasions in Afghanistan for women is a dress with an embroidery design. The dress is paired with pants, a head scarf, and flat shoes. Draw a picture of the clothing, learn how to wrap a head scarf, create an accessory, complete our paperdolls OR view traditional clothing through books or the internet or our country manual.

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