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AG Place Visit!

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You earned this patch if you visited the AG Place.


Place bars underneath it to represent some of the activities you may have completed while you were there. [3 inch wide]

DOLL Boutique

Ideas include:
Arts and Crafts [Complete Arts and Crafts or purchase a craft book to complete at home]
Travel Through Time {visit the AG Classic Girl section}
Doll Boutique {Visit the doll area or get your doll's hair done}
Beautiful In and Out [Complete a spa activity OR complete your inner star]
Baking Fun {Attend an event that you bake something there OR decorate a cupcake, apron/hat]
Cooking Fun [Attend a cooking or decorating event OR purchase a cooking book to complete later]
Fun and Games [Complete a Scavenger hunt, puzzle, or fun activity]
Diamond Day [Create jewelry, bedazzled crafts, or anything shiny for yourself or doll]
Field Trip [Take a field trip there]
Exploring Nature [Complete a Nature activity, plant a flower, draw a picture etc]
World Cultures [Learn about the culture of one of the dolls]
Holiday [Visit during the holidays or complete a holiday craft for a doll or AG time period]
Christmas [Visit during Christmas or complete a Christmas craft for a doll or AG time period]
Thanksgiving [Visit during Thanksgiving or complete a Thanksgiving craft for a doll or AG time period]
Holiday Celebration [Visit during any holiday season OR complete a Holiday craft for a doll or AG time period]
Birthday Celebration [Attend a party or have your party there]

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