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Bake Off (dated 2023)

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Did your group or school have a bake-off ? This is the perfect patch for that event.
Hosting a bake-off for kids is easy if you prepare before the day.
Make these decisions before hand:

What kind of Bake-off challenge will it be? Example: Create a dessert using at least one variety of Girl Scout cookie as a primary ingredient.

If you have enough participants the competition can be divided into three Divisions, based on age. Three overall winners can be chosen from the winners of each age bracket. An Ultimate Winner can be chosen from the Division winners, for a total of ten winners.

Find a location and facility for the event, announce the contest, timing, and so forth.
Who decides who wins? (example choose neighbors or community workers that are not affiliated with the group participating)

How will winners be decided? Submissions can be judged in each of the below categories on a scale of 1-5, with 5 being the highest. Have water available for the judges to drink between tastes. For large groups, have judges per age levels to cut down on the amount of sweets they will have to consume. For the creative submissions, no test tasting is needed.
Another way to judge, each attendee is given a number of tickets (5). Individual voting boxes or containers located near each submission. Add a ticket to vote for specific submission according to design, use of theme, recipe, etc. The one that received the most tickets won the People's Choice Award.

Entries can be judged on three elements:
Use of theme present

*Make sure all the items are labeled with no name visible.

Judge not only what they made, but their use of the cookie or theme as well. Did they get the ingredients in? Could you taste those ingredients? That made it interesting.

What kind of recognition will be awarded? (paper or fabric ribbons, certificates, gift cards donated by the community, $1 store prizes or premade goodie bags [with pencils stickers and various other $1 store fun items])

Some ideas for a bake off with your group or event.

Use leftover over GS cookies and create a dessert for it.
Create a theme and categories to award
Create categories and award in each category (cookies, pies, cakes, cupcakes, creative, brownies and cookie bars, etc.)

Example of some awards:
Most creative
Best pie, cookie, cake etc.
Most on theme (Examples of themes of the event: patriotic, summer, spring, camping, etc.)

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