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Breakfast with Santa (ideas below-creating an event etc)

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Earn this patch by having breakfast with Santa at a restaurant, the mall, community center, a farm, a Christmas village or other events where Santa will be attending. You can even have it at a meeting or in your home.
You can plan to visit Santa and have breakfast before you get in line to get your photo taken.

  • If you plan to create a breakfast for Santa for your group or community, make sure that you have a Santa Claus costume and someone willing to dress up in it. You can also get attendees to dress up as Mrs. Claus, Rudolph or an elf. Have the volunteers serving wear festive aprons, shirts or headbands to get the kids in the spirit.

  • Have attendees arrive in stages. Group of table 1 and 2 arrive at 8:00 next group 8:15 etc. This gives you time to prepare food, get them seated and checked in. Consider having two separate events, an early and late breakfast. 1ST EVENT 8:00-9:30 2ND EVENT 10:00-11:30 Doubling can let more people attend and have it completed all in one day. Especially since the volunteers and venue is already secured.

  • Decorate the dining area the night before. Examples: Rudolph plastic tablecloth, Santa paper plates, utensils and cups. Hang some Christmas lights in the area and some ribbon or festive items for the middle of the tables.

  • When the attendees check in at the event, have them get a quick photo with Santa and sit down at the table they will be eating at. Attendees should let you know if they would like to sit with certain children before the event so you can plan according. Example: "Thank you Cindy for coming you will be at table 2." You can go one step further and have place cards with each participants name on each table. You can use holiday tags and write their name in sharpie.

  • Depending on the age, you may wish to serve the children or they can line up and choose their food Find out about allergies that your guests might have so you can keep everyone safe.

  • FOOD IDEAS:Bagels, muffins, and croissants are great-- especially if you don't have a kitchen area. You can purchase pancakes or waffles already made or create them yourself, depending on the number of attendees. Make small stacks of pancakes or 1 large pancake. For a decorative idea, top the pancake with a spritz of whipped cream and place a strawberry up right in the center of the cream. It now looks like a small Santa hat. If you are using syrup, have a volunteer go around and place a small amount on the pancake or plate for young children. This prevents sticky spills. Milk, orange juice, bacon, sausage and ham are good to add to the menu as extras. Scrambled eggs offer another easy and child-friendly option instead of pancakes. You can make large batches of scrambled eggs ahead of time and keep them in warmers so they don't get cold.

  • After breakfast you can have a holiday scavenger hunt, Holiday bingo, a craft, decorate cookies, handmade ornaments, or some enjoyable activity to complete after they eat breakfast. This can be at a separate table so the kids can move to another area and you have time to clean or make room for the next group to eat.

  • It can end with everyone taking home their small craft, an ornament, or even a decorated cookie in a bag. Don't forget the patch.

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