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Keep Calm and Give Kindness on Winter Break

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Winter Break Kindness Challenge Patch details: (2X3 inch patch)
You are challenged you to reach out this winter break and show some kindness. This could be as small as playing board games with family or talking to the elders in your family, especially if they live in another state, OR a bigger task such as shopping for toys or clothes for kids in need.

Here are some ideas:
1. Send a card, make a phone call, or email your grandparent, uncle, OR elder family members.
2. Play a board or card game with family members.
3. Volunteer at a local organization (such as a food bank, animal shelter, etc.)
4. Help organize a room in the house OR clean your room and organize it.
5. Help prepare dinner for your family.
6. Make desserts and bring them to your fire/police department or neighbor.
7. Donate a new toy or coloring book to a local toy drive, shelter, or hospital.
8. Donate to a local food pantry/bank.
9. Donate blankets, toys, or treats to a local animal shelter.
10. Donate to a charity of your choice, like No Kid Hungry.
11. Make a holiday card for a soldier. CLICK HERE FOR A TEMPLATE TO CREATE YOUR HOLIDAY CARDS
12. Donate your old clothes, books, or toys to the local Goodwill or Salvation Army.
13. Go to a movie with a new friend or relative that may be lonely or new to the area.
14. Donate change to the Salvation Army bucket outside of a store.
15. Leave a happy, cheerful note on someone’s car or door.
16. Volunteer to pass out candy canes or stickers at an event or store.
17. Offer to take someone’s shopping cart back to the store or to carry their groceries.
18. Do a chore for someone in your family (ex. clean dishes, take out the trash, etc.).
19. Shovel your neighbor/parent’s driveway or sidewalk or scrape ice off of their car.
20. Write a “thank you” note to your teacher, parents, mail carrier, or
21. Candy cane “Explosion of kindness” a parking lot. Use an index card and write Happy
Holidays with a candy candy taped on the card. Place them under their windshield wipers.
22. Call a faraway relative or friend just to say “hello” and that you’re thinking of them.
23. Make a gift for someone. It could be for your mom, sister, or teacher.
24. Complete a holiday or wintery activity with your family. (make gingerbread houses, play in
the snow, build a snowman etc.)
25. A random act of kindness (RAK) of your choice!

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