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Collect Them All [scavenger hunt patch] (21 left)

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Patch Details: [3 inch patch] 85% embroidered

Have a scavenger hunt and collect them all with your friends and family.

For fun, you make a list or journal down the the animals or items you find.
Always be careful around water, busy streets, parks, forests, and other areas without supervision.

1. Find one water animal. They can be found usually near a river, stream, lake, harbors or the beach. Never go to close to the water to see a sea animal or take a photo.

2. Find an animal in your neighborhood or rural area, like birds and cats.

3. Find an insect near gardens, grassy areas like parks, nature reserves, bike pathways, pool house, neighborhood, and playgrounds.

3. Find a zoo or farm type animal by visiting a petting zoo or local zoo area.

4. Decorate a note book that you put all your finds in.

5. Keep track how much you walk on your scavenger hunt with your phone or exercise wristband. Record it in your notebook for fun.

6. Decorate a backpack, hat, or tote bag to take on your scavenger hunt.

7. Learn about sun safety. Pack a healthy snack and water bottle to keep yourself hydrated.

8. Get together with a group of friends and have a scavenger hunt party or fun event.

9. Design your own creature. What did you name it? What type is it?

10. Create a snack or drink after your scavenger hunt to cool down. Examples: frozen drinks, smoothie, or protein drinks etc...

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