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Community Service-Make a Difference 2023-2024

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Make a Difference Community Service 2023-2024

This patch program replaces the annual Blue Angel Projects. The concept is the same with a simpler path to follow. You can complete several projects in one meeting or event OR one a month in any order.

Younger participants can collect and help create items.
Older participants can host food drives, help cook meals, assist younger participants in creating baskets, cards, or other activities to earn the patch.

Complete THREE PROJECTS OF YOUR CHOICE OR complete all the the projects
Note: The patch program is a guideline for the symbols that are presented on the patch. You can substitute other projects that fit your community.

All the underlined text will take you to a new link for a patch, when you click on it.

PEACE SYMBOL-Donate to the Maui Strong Fund to Help Maui AND/OR You can make a Pinwheels for Peace and show your artistic skills and write what peace means to you OR design a pinwheel that represents MAUI to spread peace to them. Host an event creating pinwheels or a groovy dance or peaceful event for young participants.

SOCK SYMBOL– Participate in a mismatch (misfit) sock day and stand up against bulling OR Collect new or gently used socks for a donation. Many shelters for the unhoused are in need socks on a daily basis to give out to people staying or visiting the shelters. Fuzzy socks can be collected for kids or patients in the hospital OR patients going through cancer treatment. They can be dropped off at Ronald McDonald Houses, treatment areas, or placed in Jared Boxes that are donated to Children Centers.

CANDY SYMBOL-Make baggies of candy and donate to Ronald McDonald house or shelters. This project can be combined with another. Place candy in overseas boxes for soldiers, Jared boxes, or simply give a bag of candy to a teacher, leader, grandmother, community worker and more. Collect or donate your leftover Halloween candy to family shelters, deployed soldiers, and assisted living homes. Create stockings, sock angels, care packages, Valentine’s Day bags, baskets, or other bundles and add candy to it.

GIFT BOX SYMBOL- Create gifts, donate to the pajama program, or make Jared boxes any time of the year. During the holidays, create shoeboxes or stockings for children, soldiers, or the elderly. Make a wish come true by writing a letter to Santa and placing it in the Macy’s red mailbox. Host a breakfast with Santa and have everyone bring a gift. Participate in a toy drive, clothing drive or adopt a family around the holidays. Many containers and lists are placed out in early December for donations of items.

Cans of food-Donate food in your community anytime during the year at the local food bank, shelters, or faith organizations. You can also contact the food bank or local churches and see if you can adopt a family for Thanksgiving or holidays. You can provide them with food to create their own dinner. You can also donate food to animal shelters.

  • Other ideas: Volunteer to make sandwiches or muffins/bread for shelters, cook at a shelter or soup kitchen.
  • Volunteer to sort food at food banks or churches OR host a masquerade ball or event and have everyone bring a canned food. Make sure you assign them an item from a list (so you get a variety of food).
  • For example troop 1234 brings 2 can of corn each, troop 4568 brings 1 box of stuffing each, etc. The food can be dropped off at the food pantry the next day or church that delivers food around the families. For extra, you can volunteer to place it on the shelves or sort the food for the families.

Card with heart-Create Valentines for Veterans, elderly, or assist children in a Valentine craft. You can also deliver the cards or collect a large amount at an event. Place a card on a gift or basket of goodies. Create Halloween cards for the elderly and add candy. Collect the stamps off your holiday cards and letters all year to donate to the Stamp Ministry. (They purchase books for children in other countries)

Basket-Create your own baskets to give to a women or family shelters, children in need, elderly homes, fire fighters, or other community workers. Fill the baskets with items they would like or need. Older participants can host an event to collect pampering items (lotions, nail polish, hair bands, etc.) for women OR spring themed items (coloring books, crayons, candies, etc.) for children. Items can be donated at your local organizations or faith groups. Create a Mother's Day basket for your mom.

Bottle with Recycle symbol-Recycle your markers, crayons, clothing, paper, plastics and more. De-clutter your home and have fun going through the things that you no longer need. For example, upcycle* your old clothing into a pillow, blanket, purse. Use some of the old shirt designs, patches, and add them to tote bags. Start recycling items in your household with your parent's permission. Find out what you can recycle. And help create recycle bins in your house for easy recycling of items.

Flower- Attend an earth day event and complete an activity. Decorate bags with an Earth day theme and use them the next time you get groceries or smaller bags for your lunch. Decorate with a holiday theme and place food items in for the local shelter or pantry Decorate poppies for the Wall of Valor in Savannah, GA. (project information online) Plant a tree, flower, or help with gardening. Help another troop earn a flower, outdoor, or gardening badge or patch.
Participate in Earth Hour and give back 1 hour of your time to the earth any time of the year.

Star: You are a star for helping others in your community.

Older participants work together and help younger participants with smaller projects so when they are older they are knowledgeable and confident to work on larger projects.

*Upcycle-The act of taking something no longer in use and giving it a second life and new function.

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