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Cookie Challenge Patch

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Watch the GS Cookie competition on TV OR use those leftover cookies by adding them to ice cream, hot cocoa, popcorn, milkshakes, and pre-made dessert like brownies or cupcakes.

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REQUIREMENTS - complete 1 to earn (all levels)

  • 1. Watch a cookie inspired TV show or movie. Did the person you predicted would win get first place?

  • 2. Make a new creation with cookies. Did you place them inside, outside, blended, or on top of the creation?

  • 3. Have a friendly competition with a cookie challenge theme. Have judges and award 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and participant ribbons. Congratulate the winners, no matter what your place is.

  • 4. Write thank you notes to people that have helped you with a cookie competition or during cookie season.

  • 5. Try a new or different type of cookie that you haven't tried before. What would you rate it? Did you like it or dislike it?

  • 6. Reinvent a traditional cake mix by making cake pops, cake, or cupcakes with cookies inside. What did you try?

  • 7. Watch a video on how to make a new type of cookie or to have cookies into a new dish. What is something new you learned?

  • 8. Learn how to properly prep, clean, and cook cookies. Watch a video, read an article, and practice how to do it in your kitchen.

  • 9. Decorate an apron, costume, or sign for your new cookie experience. Let's see how creative you can get!

  • 10. Have a bake or cookie sale and price all of your newly baked items! Learn how to give proper change to your customers.
  • You can also create your own event and have participants bring in desserts made with cookies.
    For larger events, you can create different reward categories according to cookie, cakes, cupcakes, or creative design.

    Other ideas:
    ***Use pre baked cupcakes, brownies or other treats and place your choice cookie. They can place the cookie in the frosting on crumble on top.

    *** Scoop out some ice cream and add some cookie flavor as a topping. You can also layer the ice cream in a cup with different flavored cookies.

    *** Create a sweet and salty trail mix. Use pretzels, cereal, nuts, chopped up cookie bits, and any other item that sounds good. Place in a sandwich bag. Shake it up and dig in.

    *** Pop some popcorn. Pour it in a bowl and add chopped up caramel and coconut cookie. Stir it up and place in small bowls and paper cups to serve.

    *** Shake it up and put ice cream, milk, and peanut butter chocolate cookies in a blender. Make it as thick on thin as you like. YUM!

    *** Make brownies from a box and while they are warm place mint or peanut butter chopped up cookies on top.

    The point is for everyone to have fun and each girl to use their imagination to create their cookie creation.

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