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**CORONA-Being Productive while quarantined (BAR)

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Purchase this patch if you are quarantined during the Coronavirus outbreak but being productive.
  • Click here to order the matching patch on fighting the coronavirus.

    Patch Info: (85% embroidered patch 2.5 inch wide)

    Below are some ideas of how you can be productive.
    Complete at least one activity from the list or on your own.

  • If you are under quarantine and have to stay home, keep yourself busy with activity packets, crafts, movies, and puzzle sheets. (You can find several fun activities available on Patchwork Designs, Inc. web store)

  • Try something new! While you are staying home, watch a how-to video, try a new game, or read or watch something you haven’t before.

  • Do something active. Play a game that requires movement, try a new dance or exercise, or play with your pet.

  • Try to bake or cook something different with your new free time. Look up a recipe and try it out! If you have some dessert mixes, you can put your own spin on a dish.

  • Have a movie marathon! Pop some popcorn to complete your movie experience. You can even make a themed dish to go with the movie.

  • Declutter. Go through your clothes, toys, and books for items you’ve outgrown. Put them in a box or bag to donate later. You’ll feel great after some spring cleaning.

  • Connect with family and friends. Give a friend or family member a phone call or try using video chat. Check in on your friends and family and make some conversation. You can also share some pictures with each other.

  • Most importantly, take care of yourself, stay safe, and healthy. This may mean you need to stay home for a couple weeks. Remember it is for the best and to keep yourself busy. Practice some self-care like doing a face mask, taking a bath, painting your nails, or reading a great book.

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