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Disability Awareness [MCKENNA MINI PATCH] [1 1/2 inch patch]

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McKenna has to get a reading tutor to assist her with school. Her tutor is Josie, who is super confident and who also happens to be in a wheelchair. Josie helps McKenna realize that what might seem like a giant roadblock is really just a series of small obstacles that can be overcome one by one, day by day.

Earn this mini patch by learning and thinking about disabilities and how you can help others.

1. To help you understand some disabilities try one of the following: Blindfold yourself and try to write your name on a piece of paper; play charades or pictionary using no sounds, watch TV blindfolded, OR try to get to another chair at the table without using your legs.

2. Some people with disabilities are in wheelchairs. Choose a place that you go with your friends like the movies or the mall. Talk about the items you would need if you were in a wheelchair. Does being in a wheelchair limit the activities you can complete?

3. Some disabilities affect a person's brain and they have to take therapy classes to improve their memory. Read a story and answer questions without reading the story again, play a memory game, complete a puzzle, or Kim game. [A memory game where you cover items on the tray and you see who can remember the most items when is covered.]

4. Some people with disabilities need to have a service animal to assist them. Find out what animals are used and how long they have to be trained.
5. People that have a hearing disability speak with their hands using sign language. Learn some words in sign language or learn how to sign your name.
6. Learning disabilities are common in school and with the correct assistance the student can improve. Sometimes they need special tutors or worksheets. Research worksheets that will help students that struggle with grade level reading, writing, and spelling skills OR research about a learning disability and how it is improved.

7. Learn more about the Special Olympics. What are some of the activities they can participate in?

8. Read a book, watch a movie, or read an article that has someone in it with a disability. What was there disability? Did people treat them fairly?

9. Reach out to someone that has a disability and help them. You can visit an elderly home, hospital, or create cards for them.

10. Juliette Low had a disability and she couldn't write or spell very well when she was younger. She was also deaf on one of her ears. Complete an activity that Juliette Low used to complete despite her disability. Examples: camping, painting, drawing, sewing, pet care, etc.

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