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Discovering Chocolate

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Complete one item to earn this patch.

1. How is chocolate made? Research a country or place that makes chocolate and find out more.
2. Try two different kinds of chocolate. Examples: Milk, dark, white, dipped, bar, semi-sweet, etc.
3. Make something molded, dipped or decorated with chocolate.
4. Learn what types of things are made with chocolate. Try two things or go to a place that dips chocolates, makes chocolate, or creates candy with chocolate in it.
5. Make a container or decorate an item to hold chocolates. Examples: boxes, decorated paper bags, cupcake liners, etc.
6. Play a game that involves chocolate.
7. Give the gift of chocolate or make chocolate items to give to family, friends or those in need.
8. Attend an event, have a chocolate party, or taste test different items that have chocolate on them. [potluck party and everyone brings a chocolate item]
9. Try an international desserts that have chocolate. Example: cakes, candy, fritters, pies, tarts, tortes, cookies, puddings, custards, and pastries.
10. Taste or create a drink that has chocolate in it. Examples: Hot Cocoa, smoothie, milkshake, chocolate milk, etc.
11. Try something with chocolate that you have never tried before.
12. Experiment with chocolate. Create your own chocolate creation. How did it taste?
13. Bake something with chocolate in it. Examples: pies, bars, cookies, cake, etc.
14. View a chocolate sculpture on line or in person. Draw out a chocolate design for cakes or a sculpture.
15. Visit a chocolate shop, take a chocolate tour, or visit a candy shop. Order a chocolate treat to try. What did you learn about chocolate at the event or tour?
16. Check out your palette by taking a blind fold test. Taste a variety of chocolate in different forms or flavors. Examples: truffles, chocolate raisin, nuts, peanut butter chocolate blend, etc.

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