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Earth Hour 2023 (Give back to the earth for an hour)

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Patch Details: 2.5 inch patch-85% embroidered
You don't have to complete this on Earth Hour day--it can be completed any day or time. Give back to the planet planting flowers, picking up trash, recycling (5 minutes a day) can add up to an hour of earth assistance.
Click here for a recycle chart and parts of a tree

EARTH HOUR IS Sat, Mar 25, 2023 8:30PM - 9:30PM

OR gather your group together and create an earth hour for everyone to participate in.

  • What does that mean? Earth Hour is about giving back one hour of your time to the planet OR turning off your lights for earth hour. You don't have sit in complete dark for one hour (gather your candlesticks, flash lights or lanterns) You can even watch TV

  • Prepare for earth hour and decide what you will do for an hour
  • This could be staying in the house with family or leave the house to do something with friends/family without the use of light bulbs. (star gazing, catching fireflies, candlelight dinners, campfire and smores, and more.)

  • If you are participating in EARTH HOUR DAY. Turn your lights off at 8:30 PM Do something without using light bulbs for one hour OR complete community service for the planet during that hour

  • What did you decide to do for your earth hour?

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