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Trip to Emerald City--[METALLIC THREADS]

Our Price: $1.50

Choose this as a theme for your dance or have an event celebrating 75 years of the creation of the Emerald City.

WATCH the Movie or Play that Emerald City in it or complete ONE REQUIREMENT from the below program.

1. Watch a play or movie that has a wizard, emerald city, or similar characters that represent the patch.
2. Attend an event, party, movie day, or any special themed function representing the Emerald City.
3. Use your brain to complete a puzzle, game, homework, worksheet, or something of your choice.
4.Use courage and stand up for someone, present a project, talk in front of a group, or something of your choice that represents courage.
5. Use your heart and complete community service for someone in need. Refer to our community service patches for ideas.
6. Complete a craft or decorations that represent the Emerald City. Examples: Decorate your shoes, paint rainbows, or make a paper garland.
7. Create a food item that reminds you of rainbows, glittery shoes, or Emerald City. Examples: Cupcakes, cookies, snack mixes, or cakes.
8. Play a game or make one up that represents the Emerald City.
9. Create paper dolls, costumes, OR dress up like a character from Emerald City.
10. Learn about one of the characters from Emerald City.

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