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Envelope Artist Rocker

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This is the Envelope Artist rocker to go with the Sunday Friends patch.
An organization that encourages you to donate school supplies, gifts, and create artist envelopes, or soap for hope.

Thank you for painting envelopes!
These envelopes will actually be sent through the mail in hope that the recipients will be touched and inspired to open the beautiful envelopes.

You will need: Standard size 10 peel & seal envelopes only (no licking required)
Water color paints and brush

How to Paint the Envelopes:
Please use cheerful water colors to paint the front side of the envelope.
They will place address labels over your artwork in the center of the envelope.
Please do NOT paint holiday-specific, religious, or political themes.
Envelopes need to be completely dry before stacking them.
Please do NOT seal the envelopes.

Envelopes can be mailed or dropped off at:
Sunday Friends
730 Story Road, Suite 3, San Jose, CA 95122

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