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Caroline- Exploring 1812 Patch

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Create a craft, read the Caroline American Girl Books, sing the star spangled banner, create something for veterans or soldiers, or learn more about your country.


1. The War of 1812 was fought between the United States and British. Did they invade on each other's territory? Who was the President of the United States at the time? Who won the war?

2. During the 1812 there were not any video games or television. Complete an activity that children enjoyed during this time period. Examples include: Ice skating, hoop and stick, graces, marbles, checkers, and stacking games.

3. There was a variety of sailors in 1812. They have special slang words and phrases that they use on the boats. Learn a word or phrase some examples are: Swab the deck, drop anchor, and ship ahoy.

4. A small ship that parents can teach their children to help sail is called skiff. The boat is located on the front of the patch. Learn what some of the parts of the ship are OR create a craft or color a picture of a boat OR make a paper boat OR race boats. Example boat parts: Sail, port, starboard, fore, and jib.

5. During the war they would send secret messages to each other. Create your own secret code to share with your friends. You can use symbols, numbers or your own symbols to match up to letters. Send a message to your friend but make sure she has the message decoder you created.

6. When girls were growing up they learned how to write using an inkpot and quill or feather. They would also melt wax onto letters to seal them. Some people had a special stamp that they would press into the wax before it hardens to create a monogram seal for the letter or envelope. When they would see the seal they would know who it is from. Write a note using a quill or calligraphy pen OR create your own design for a seal OR use a rubber stamp and wax to seal an envelope. Adults should supervise with hot wax.

7. During the 1800's girls liked to play with their dolls and create paper dolls. Create a craft inspired by this time period or play with paper dolls. Examples include: paper boxes, paper garlands, doll clothes, and a homemade doll.

8. America's Star Spangled banner song was written in 1812. The song was inspired by the American flag. Who wrote the song? What did the flag look like during this time period? What did the stripes and stars stand for? What does the flag look like today? What does it mean when you fly the flag upside down? { the quiz online answers all the questions}

9. Today we use microwaves and can eat pre-packaged food by warming it up in the oven or cooking it on the stove. What did they use to cook with in 1812? Try a food or recipe from this time period.

10. Compare the items from today to the items that were available in 1812. What did they use instead of a computer? OR how did they listen to music?

11. In 1812, children would practice embroidery and help in gardens. Complete a craft or art project that represents this time period OR grow something from a seed OR eat something from a garden OR help someone in a garden.

12. Attend a landmark, event, or complete an activity that represents the time period of 1812.

13. Discover the historical time period of 1812 and learn more about the people or activities. Read one of the Caroline American Girl books, watch a movie, view information on the internet about this time period.

14. Trunks or traveling chests were used as luggage or storage on boats during 1812 time period. They were typically made of wood and sometimes lined with material. After they arrived to their destination children would store their pretty dresses, dolls, and valuable items inside. Create a craft and decorate your own jewelry box, mini trunk or treasure chest, a doll, doll clothes, OR accessory from the 1812 time period.


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