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Fall Fun (Scarecrow and leaves)

List Price: $2.00
Our Price: $1.35
You save: $0.65 (33%)

Patch Details: 90% embroidered

Have some fall fun and earn this patch. You only need to complete one fall activity to earn the patch.

Some activity suggestions:
1. Participate in a fall festival or create one of your own. Some fun activities include: Pumpkin rolling contest, square dancing, masquerade balls, contest or costume competitions, bake-offs, fall flings, bobbing for apples, etc.
2. Go through a corn maze.
3. Carve or paint a pumpkin.
4. Go on a hayride.
5. Go apple picking.
6. Visit a farm or petting zoo.
7. Explore nature and take a hike or go on a trail.
8. Learn more about the woodland animals that live in the fall forest. What do they eat or where do they live?
9. Participate in a parade or community event.
10. Complete a community service project add a fall theme to it.
11. Make a dessert or meal using a fall theme.
12. Make a craft using fall themed items. Like leaf shaped garland, misfit Forest tree decorations, cards for the community workers, OR let us give thanks program.

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