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Game Night Patch

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Complete ONE REQUIREMENT to earn your GAME NIGHT patch
Patch Details: (2.5 inch patch-85% embroidered)

1. Games that challenge your mind are usually played indoors. Try a "mind game" such as a puzzle, word search, Guess Who?, tic-tac-toe, Grocery Store (Continue the story), mazes, the ABC game, I Spy…, Hangman, Memory, or word scramblers.

2. Countries all over the world have games. Try a game from a different country such as: Ampe from Ghana; Nim from China; Gooddag from Sweden; Manacala from Africa.

3. Card games are popular among children and adults. They are fun and sometimes unpredictable. Play a card game. Some examples include: Go Fish, Hearts, Spit, Rummy, Solitaire, Rook, Spilt, and Uno.

4. Try a game that originated when America was still young. Do we still play those games now? If we do, is it played the same way today? Some examples include: Tag, Hide and Seek, Checkers, and Chess.

5. Sometimes board games have themes like movies, people, and even cartoons. Try playing one of these "themed" board games or a board game of your choice, such as: Monopoly, Scrabble, Yahtzee, Battleship, Pretty Pretty Princess, Candyland, and Clue.

6. Some games require hand-eye coordination and motor skills to complete. Try a game that fits this category. Some examples include: Jenga, Jacks, Operation, Kerplunk, Tumbling Monkeys, or Pick-up sticks.

7. Attend or host a "game night" or play games with your family one evening. Play a variety of games. Make sure participants are divided up according to age so the games will be evenly enjoyed by all.

8. Make games tasty and educational! Create an editable treat depicting games or easy to eat finger foods to go with your game night theme. Some examples include: Pizza Party Game, Create your own pizza; "Jenga" finger sandwiches sliced in rectangles; cookies or cupcakes iced with tic tac toe, cards, or other game items, "twister" pretzels; cubed cheese game boards; or assorted candies for Candyland. Complete the look by placing colorful plastic tablecloths on the floor or table for playing space. You can also use old game boards that have missing pieces for centerpieces to display your food.

9. Complete a community service project involving games. Some suggestions are: hosting a Bingo or Bunco Night; donating games to a children's hospital or orphanage; donating puzzle books to assisted living homes; teaching younger children a new game, volunteering at a camp; sending cards to soldiers or mentally challenged homes.

10. Use the Games Kit and complete one of the activities in the book.

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