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Let the Games Begin! (47 left)

List Price: $2.50
Our Price: $0.99
You save: $1.51 (61%)

Purchase this patch when you complete ONE of the following tasks or games to complete:

1) Watch a movie or play that has archery, outdoor, sports, or scavenger hunts in it.
2) Complete a physical game or activity. Examples: tag, hiking, relay race, or red rover.
3) Learn how to pack a backpack for an outdoor activity. What items should you place in there for a day trip OR overnight trip? Choose one to pack for.
4) Work with a buddy and navigate using a compass and signs along a path.
5) Go letterboxing and find a hidden box or place your own box out for letterboxing.
6) Learn how to tie at least one rope knot or use a rope for an outdoor activity.
7) Learn how to lay out trail signs as you navigate down a path. You can use rocks, twigs, grass or small pebbles to mark where you going. See if another team member can find there way by following your signs.
8) Work with a buddy and learn simple first aid skills. Take turns bandaging each other.
9) Play a game on how to communicate outdoors. What kind of signals would you use if you had to be quiet but wanted to talk to your team or buddy?
10) Stop, look and listen to the nature around you. Have a scavenger hunt for trees or animals OR go bird watching. Find at least three different trees or animals. For extra, use binoculars.
11) Participate in a mental game or activity. Work with another person to complete the task. Examples include: mazes, the ABC game, I Spy…, Memory, or word scramblers.
12) Learn the basic skills of Archery from a trained professional. Shoot with a bow and arrow or learn how to hold it correctly.
13) Learn how to pack or create a snack for the trail or outdoors. Do not eat anything on the trail, off bushes or trees without knowing from an adult that it is safe to eat.
14) Participate in an outdoor event that involves games or a variety of skill activities.
15) Have a scavenger Hunt. Use a list or a map and try to find the items by using the clues and items that were given to you.
16) Read a book the has archery, sports, outdoor, or game theme.

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