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Grace Patch KIT-complete the Social Butterfly badge

List Price: $10.00
Our Price: $5.99
You save: $4.01 (41%)

Items Included in the Kit:
FREE Activities to complete the Social Butterfly badge [BADGE NOT INCLUDED]

  1. Grace patch [activities to complete it]

  2. Bonjour Mini patch [activities to complete it]

  3. Candy and Confections patch [activities to complete it]

  4. Cooking and Baking [activities to complete it]

  5. Passport

  6. Recipe box to create, cards, dividers, and labels

  7. Paris Bingo and cards [Bingo in Paris Words & Phrases]t

  8. Sweet Coloring sheet

  9. Guess the Utensil

  10. Bakery Word Search

  11. Which Vacation Are You? [activity sheet]

  12. Which Cupcake Are You? [activity sheet]

Items included to complete the badge:
1. Conversation starter strips. Cut them apart and use them at dinner or with friends.
2. Set the table worksheet.
3. Coming of age Ceremony-- worksheet with questions answered.
4. Thank you card to color/decorate and give to someone special.
5. Have a party, sleepover, or get together with your friends

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