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Germany Manual

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Eat chocolate game, ornaments, marzipan, mini time capsule book, songs, gingerbread house, skits, advent calendar, and many more activities in the manual.

If you are participating an international day or represented this country in an event this manual will
assist you in preparing for your event.
54 Page Booklet-Below is a breakdown items in the manual unique to Germany.

  1. Patch program requirements and answers

  2. Festivals and Holidays {Example: May Day and Birthday Celebration}

  3. Games and Songs [Physical games and memory games]

  4. Recipes {savory and sweet}

  5. Crafts [paper lantern, princess hat, paper flower, or create a time capsule book, etc.

  6. Story [interactive story with motions]


  8. Detailed map of The Germany. Outline of the surrounding countries and bodies of water.

  9. World Map [showing the continent]

  10. Flag and coloring directions

  11. Language Sheet and matching portion

  12. Decorate a female and male paperdoll in traditional clothing.

  13. Birthday Card

  14. Word Search and answers

  15. Mask Pattern

  16. Advent Calendar and symbols to place on calendar

  17. Invention and Inventor [ Bicycle, jeans etc] and answers

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