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Heart Healthy Patch Program

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Complete one requirement that states that you are Heart Healthy.

1. Drink water every day. Try to cut out all sodas, sugary drinks and replace it with water.

2. Choose a food that you have never ate before that is good for you and eat it or prepare it in a meal. Examples include: fruits, vegetables, and food with good vitamins.

3. Learn more about the food pyramid. Write down everything you ate in one day and see where it falls in the food pyramid. Do you need to eat more or less of one item?

4. Choose a sport to participate in for at least a week.

5. Read labels and see if any of your food you eat out of a can has large amounts of sugar or salt. If so, try a different food that doesn't and see if you like it better.

6. Try an exercise program at school, a TV video game, class or something that is fun but helps you exercise.

7. Find out more about healthy snacks. Create a healthy snack to enjoy or create a healthy menu for a day of food.

8. Do you watch TV, text, or read books while you are eating. Try for one day not to complete any other activities while you are eating.

9. Take time to yourself and help your body feel healthier. This could be getting at least 8 hours of sleep at night, not eating before bed, cutting out some sweet snacks, OR relaxing after a day of school.

10. If you already play sports or exercise, challenge yourself to go to the next level. Example: walking everyday increase by 5 minutes, dancing with a video game go to the next level, or work out to a slightly harder routine in class. This will build your muscles and endurance. Optional: Learn how to take your heart rate. What should your normal rate be?

11. Choose two candy bars and two granola or other healthy snack bars and compare their labels. What is the difference in the amount of sugar and fat in the items?

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