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Inauguration Celebration 2017

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Patch Details: 2.75 inch patch [blue and gold metallic threads]

We updated our FREE KIT that has been used in the past for Inauguration celebration to reflect the 2017 date. Same requirements as in the past and only ONE REQUIREMENT needed to earn the patch. Purchase this patch to commemorate the year of the inauguration.

Complete ONE requirement to earn this patch. We make it easy.

If you are attending or celebrating the Inauguration activities then you have automatically earned this patch. This includes: volunteering; attending; participating in the any part of Inauguration (ceremony/parade/ball); handing out helpful materials. You can also watch the next President of the United States get sworn into office on any television set, including ones set up on the National Mall or ones at your home. This patch commemorates an event in history for all to display anywhere they choose.

You can earn this patch anytime of the year to commemorate this event.

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