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Isabelle Patch Kit-- Activities for Scribe badge

List Price: $10.00
Our Price: $5.00
You save: $5.00 (50%)

Items Included in the Kit:
**Be a Star Patch
**Fashion and Sewing Patch
**I'm a Star Patch
**Dance Patch
**white t-shirt to decorate for doll or stuffed animal

1. Sticker Sheets for Setting Goals
2. Quiz to find out hobbies
3. Worksheet to choose your unique qualitites
4. Worksheet with a frame to draw your self portrait
5. Journal [14 page] to assist in setting goals and writing accomplishments
6. Dance puzzle

** ALSO INCLUDED: FREE Activities to complete the Scribe badge [badge not included]

The below FREE Activities to complete the Scribe badge [badge not included]
1. How to write a Haiku/write your own
2. Create your own Story {Write stories in the Truly Talented You Journal] 12 pages to write in
3. Write about a memorable day or goal you accomplished in the Journal [stickers included]
4. Answer the Advise columist Articles for AG pretend magazine [4 to choose from]
5. Complete the Sandwich worksheet that helps you write an essay. Write about a favorite animal, place you like to visit, or your favorite book. In the Journal or the back of the worksheet.

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