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Jewelry Around the World

Our Price: $1.75

3 inch patch/metallic threads

Create jewelry, view jewerly wore in different countries, or create an accessory to wear.

Jewelry is one of the oldest forms of decorative art worn for many purposes to show power, wealth, strength, culture, and of course beauty. It can be a brooch, pin, necklace, earrings, lei, headpieces, hairpieces, and many other forms. Jewelry can be created from metal, jewels, paper, feathers, shells, flowers, even tin and plastic. The ideas are endless.

1. Royal families are known to have the finest pieces of jewelry. View or create a paper crown or piece of jewelry that resembles royalty.
2. A variety of headresses are worn in different countries around the world. View, wear, or create a headress. Examples include: Jeweled flowers into a wreath or adhered to a barrette with gems, pendants and necklaces can be attached to a head scarf, a chain with gems or coins, some wear an ornament on their forehead attached with chains or ribbon, crowns of jewels, flowers, ribbon or ornate designs.

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