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Julie Patch kit- complete the Independence Badge

List Price: $10.00
Our Price: $5.00
You save: $5.00 (50%)

Items Included in the Kit: [$5.00 worth of patches included]
**Disco Diva Patch
**Jewelry Patch
**China/Friendship Patch
**Lookin'Good and Feelin' Good Patch
**Mini tote (to sew ribbon on) (colors will vary)
** {THREAD AND NEEDLE} Adult supervision

1. Chinese new year puzzle
2. Cootie Catcher
3. Earth Day puzzle sheet
4. treasure hunt /Julie New Neighborhood activity sheet
5. 1970's scavenger Hunt sheets and cards for game

ALSO INCLUDED: FREE Activities to complete the Independence [badge not included]

1.Ask your parents to go through the parts of a bike and make sure it is safe to ride. If you don’t have a bike then you can your siblings or friends. Bike Safety checklist included.
2. How to Sew a Basic Stitch [Needle, thread, trim and tote to decorate] Follow the instructions on how to do a basic hand stitch and sew on a button or accent ribbon/lace on to an old shirt, totebag, or other item.
3. Choose a bad habit you need to get rid of and make a X on every day you didn’t do it. Use the rid the bad habit sheet included to keep track.
4.Create your Chinese lantern, poster OR a piece of artwork on the wall. Chinese lantern
5. Go Do Something Fun.

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