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#17-Juliette Low Series 17 [Animal Care][3 inch patch]

Our Price: $1.75

Juliette Low loved to care for her animals she found and she had several! Pictured on this patch are a horse, dog, cat, and bird in her stable. The TAC sign stands for "The Animal Catcher", which was Juliette Low's club.

Example of a requirement to earn patch:
Juliette Low and her cousins created a club, TAC, "The Animal Catcher" to take care of the animals that they had rescued and already had. Her parents gave her a stall in the stable next to her horse to hold all her animals. Reach out and assist animals in your area. Examples: Donate items to animals in a shelter, take a tour of an animal hospital or VET, learn what different animals eat, OR help take care of animals.

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