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#20-Juliette Low Series [Campfire Fun][3 inch patch]

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Juliette Low with some of her troop camping and pitching a tent, and roasting marshmallows while telling stories. Juliette is pictured in her camping uniform sitting on a log bench.

Example of a requirement to earn patch:
After Juliette Low started scouting for girls she would take her troop camping. She taught them how to pitch a tent, roast marshmallows, first aid, tell stories around the campfire and much more. Complete a camping related skill. Examples: go on a hike, rope skills, skits, gather wood, cook on a fire, identify trees, go letterboxing, make a swap or fire starter.

Recipe for Banana Boats:

Items Needed PER PERSON:
1 unpeeled ripe banana
1 teaspoon miniature chocolate chips
1 tablespoon miniature marshmallows
Aluminium foil
Spoon and knife [parent should assist with cutting the banana]

Cut banana peel lengthwise on the top of the banana and peel the top back, leaving it attached to the banana at the bottom. Spoon out the banana, leaving 1/2 of the banana inside all the way down the top. Fill each banana with 1 teaspoon chocolate chips and top with marshmallows to cover the chocolate chips. Push them down and cover with the top of banana peel. Wrap the banana in heavy-duty foil around bananas, forming boats. Place them on the grill for backyard camping or around the edge of the warm campfire. Just long enough for the chocolate and marshmallows to melt, about 5-7 minutes depending on the heat. Remove with tongs.

Moose Lips

1 apple with red skin (do not peel)
Peanut butter

Carefully cut apples into eight pieces. Be sure to get help if needed.
Remove the core from each piece buy cutting out the center area that holds the seeds.
Smear one side of each slice with peanut butter.
Push a row of mini-marshmallows into the peanut butter of 4 apple slices.
Top each slice with another apple slice. Peanut butter side down, matching top and bottom shapes. You should have something that resembles a moose mouth staring back at you. Eat!

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