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#1-Juliette Low [Juliette Low in her garden age 18][3 inch patch]

Our Price: $1.75

Patch Details: 3 inch patch

Juliette Low in her garden, age 18.
Savannah, Georgia.

Have a Juliette Low Celebration playing Victorican games and crafts. Her Birthday is October 31, earn this patch by celebrating her birthday with a Masquerade Ball, Birthday Celebration, Picnic, and much more.

March 12th marks the date of the first scout meeting for girls.

Daisy believed that everyone should be a friend to animals, be cheerful, and active citizens in the community help others. Complete a community service project that will help person, places or things. Some examples of projects she completed were caring for children, helping at hospitals, sewing, landscaping and teaching something new. You can choose your own project.


Did you know that Daisy created a children’s magazine in which everything including all the articles and illustrations were completed by children? Create a collage of the things you enjoy, scrapbook, journal, OR create a timeline of her life, or complete the book available in our kit.

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