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#2-Laser Cut Adventure girls

Our Price: $6.00

This is BOOK #2 of the Laser Cut Girl Adventures. This book contains stories, activities, and blank stationary pages for Angelia from Greece; Kara from Egypt; Kaylee from Australia; Ming Mei from China; Tawia from Ghana and Yoshiko from Japan.

Included in the book is an introduction about each girl's life, their culture, and clothing she wears. In addition, there are crafts, games, and recipes that will enhance your knowledge of her country and lifestyle.

The laser cut girls are great for having the participants learn more about their country they have chosen to study for Thinking Day events, winter holiday vacation, summer vacation, or other group projects.

If you are only learning about one specific country, simply go to the page number noted on the table of contents and complete the activities that pertain to that country. You are allowed to copy all the activity sheets for the participants including the stationery so they can take it home and write their story.

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