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Maleficent Supernatural Program (2.5 inch patch) Complete one requirement
Maleficent means to have an evil or wicked type personality. Sometimes they have supernatural powers and mainly portrayed in movies as the villain. They are mischievous and want to get their way.

1. Watch a movie with a villain character having a maleficent type personality.
2. Read a book with the same type of character.
3. After watching a movie, play or reading a book, why do you think the character had that personality? Were they always like that?
4. Learn more about villains in books or movies. Examples are: Evil Queens, stepmothers, white witch, and animal characters that talk. What happens to them at the end of the book or movie?
5. Participate in a Halloween activity that has various costumes. Good, evil, creative, and funny. Write a short story about the characters you saw. Make up interaction stories to depict the styles.
6. Several stories represent the good and evil. Tell a story or participate in a skit that makes the good character turn evil and the evil turn good.
7. Explore your library, internet or bookshelf, and find two youth books that have maleficent personality type characters. Compare the characters to each other. Which one was worse? Did they have any special powers?
8. Read a folktale or story that has character that evolved into a maleficent personality. Why did it happen? Can they become good again?
9. Design a piece of art for a book or movie poster. Add in the villain character and pictures of the story setting. Show it to others.
10. Create a character for a movie or book. What is the name, clothing, special abilities, and is it good or evil?

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