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May the 4th Be with You

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May the 4th Be with you (2.75 inch patch)

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1. Take an adventure through a book or movie that has this theme.
2. Learn how to stomp out bullies and project the power within you to stand up and make a difference. How did you help or prevent someone from getting bullied?
3. Attend a special event or a holiday party with this theme.
4. Choose one character, robotic item, or machine from a movie or book. Learn more about their personality or built. What do you like about them?
5. Create a craft that represents the theme of the patch.
6. Draw a picture from a book or movie that represents the theme of the patch.
7. Treats or savory snacks are always a great idea to create. Create or serve fun food to feel the theme of the patch. Decorate cupcakes or cookies; cake, sparkle punch, or galactic themed cookies. For extra, have a movie party and serve snacks OR a dessert party.
8. Learn more about the outer space and stars. Examples: Find a constellation on a map OR explore planets and other objects in space.
9. Take a simulated ride on an space craft or create a craft that represents the outer space theme.
10. Create community service around the theme. Create a card for a soldier, donate books, pajamas, create crafts or treats with the theme and donate them to the assisted living home, or have a movie party for younger children.
11. Design your own space craft.

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