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Social Media Savvy! [3 tall inch patch]

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To earn this patch you have to complete ONE requirement.

What is social media? It is websites, devices, and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking with others. Such as SHARING a photo, POSTING a message of daily events, TAGGING someone in a photo, TEXTING, etc.

Talk to the participants about what Social media is. Make sure they understand the importance of what they share in texting, online, or through APPS. Your accounts should be marked on private and only shared with reliable friends and family members.


  • 1. LEARN how to use social media to SHARE or post items on social media.

  • 2. Take a photo and post it on your private social media group or APP.

  • 3. POST a comment or a status on social media.

  • 4. Learn how to use an emocion or abbreviate a sentence or word when you are texting. LOL BRB

  • 5. Find out what is "trending" is. #you

  • 6. Show how you can use an APP. Example: play a game, get directions, make a collage, order food, translate, order movie tickets, or message someone. ETC.

  • 7. Create your own "hashtag" # or use one that is already created.

  • 8. Tweet about something.

  • 9. Send an email.

  • 10. Learn what this symbol means @. How can you use it?

  • 11. TAG someone on social media.

  • 12. Use an APP or program that lets you listen to your music.

  • 13. SHARE a community service project you participated in OR participate in one that was listed on social media.

  • 14. LIKE a photo or post.

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