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Misfit Strong Patch-white trim patch on white twill

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YOUTH EMPOWERMENT/ANTI-BULLYING patch program. [size 2.75 round]
Add a dated rocker
[Misfit Socks= Celebrating Differences + Stand Against Bullying]

STEP ONE [Choose a date and spread the message]

TALK to...
Friends, Family, Teachers, Classmates/Teammates, Coaches, Leaders and Mentors about the Misfit (mismatched) Sock Movement. Do they have any ideas on how to get the word out or what date is best for everyone to participate?

STEP TWO [Participate and wear you mismatched socks during the time period chosen]
Choose a day to wear misfit (mismatched) socks for a day. Let everyone in your group know what the date is and wear them together on that day. It can be a Halloween party, at school, a meeting, or at home.

Here are some ideas:

Participate in the Million Misfit Sock March. (OCTOBER IS ANTI-BULLY MONTH)

Attend an event that is hosting a sock march.

Contact local sports teams and ask players and fans to wear misfit socks for a game to raise awareness.

Step Three [Order your patches and plan on participating again next year]

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