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Discovering Marine Life Patch (NEW DESIGN!)

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Swim into world of wonder with activities such as seashell art, water fun games, sand art, scavenger hunt, and crab races, or visit a beach or aquarium.

COMPLETE 3 REQUIREMENTS TO EARN THIS PATCH or complete a marine life event, visit to an aquarium etc.

1. Dolphins are mammals, that means they breathe air and their young are born alive. Learn
about one marine life creature that is a mammal. Find out if they have any unique qualities,
the color of their skin, and where they live. Examples are manatees, otters, porpoises, walruses, sea lions, polar bears and whales.

2. There are a large variety of fish in the ocean. They can be found in a variety of sizes,
shapes and colors. Choose one fish to learn more about. What do they eat, where do they
live, and what do they look like? Examples: Seahorse, clown fish, salmon, or sting rays.
Seahorses- Seahorses eat small shrimp and fish. They can be found in seaweeds
in near the shore and warm water seas. They have a head resembling that of a
horse, a long tail, and a snout. It’s body is covered in bony plates with a series of

3. Did you know that if a starfish lost an arm it would grow a new one? This species of marine life is called an echinoderm, a spiny skinned invertebrate. Choose one to learn more
about by visiting an aquarium, reading a book, or viewing the internet. Examples include
sea urchins, brittle stars, sea stars, sand dollars and sea cucumbers. For extra, you may
wish to create an art project.

4. Coral Reefs are ecosystems created with coral, algae, and tiny animals. They are usually
located in shallow warm water near land. Find out two things that live in a coral reef. Observe their shape, color and where they live. You may also wish to create a drawing of a
coral reef, visit an aquarium, or create an art project.

5. Jellyfish are 98% water, and they can sting and glow in the dark. Choose one marine life
animal that sting or poison their enemy to protect themselves. How do they protect
themselves? Examples are octopi, stingrays, puffer fish, anemone, and eels.

6. Many people collect sea shells. They are pretty, shiny and great for art projects. Did you
know that animals live in shells? Learn about one marine animal that have a shell, what it
looks like, and its color OR create an art project with shells. Examples include oysters,
clams, scallops, conch, and mussels.

7. Public aquariums offer exhibits, hands on activities, educational sessions, and signs describing the marine life. Visit an aquarium, seashore, or marine life exhibit. You may also discover information by surfing the internet or books. Learn about at least three species of
marine life.

8. Cookie cutter sharks are small sharks. They have no bones and are considered fish. Find
out how it got its name OR learn about one other type of shark, their size, and color. Examples: Tiger shark, blue shark, hammerhead, lemon, angel shark, whale shark, and mega

9. Did you know that crabs walk sideways? They are called crustaceans because they have a
hard shell and no back bone, or invertebrate. Some examples include hermit crab, lobster,
krill, and shrimp. Discover one species. Find out where they live, what they eat and what
color they are.

10. Plankton is microscopic plantlike organism that drifts in the water. Animals that eat plankton are baleen whales, crustaceans, squid and fish. Learn about one animal that enjoy plankton OR look at plankton in a microscope, book or online. For extra create a food chain of marine life animals.

11.The study of oceans and marine life is called oceanography. Learn one about a job or career that uses the ocean or marine animals. Such as aquarium, scuba diver, surf instructor,

12. Sea Turtles are large turtles that spend most of their lives in the seas. They are fast
swimmers and vary in color. Find out more about the sea turtle OR create an art project about
sea turtles.

13. Have a themed event or fun with your family. Create marine life themed food, drinks or

14. Let’s have fun with marine life. Play a game, practice tongue twisters, create a craft or enjoy a party with a marine life theme. Some suggestions are crab walk, "Who am I?," charades, sand art, and sea shell art.

15. Be creative and make something that has a marine life or ocean theme. Examples include
ocean in a bottle, seashell magnet, walrus puppet.

16. Research a map showing the oceans of the world. Choose an animal and find what ocean it lives by. There are four oceans in the world. The Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, and Arctic.

17. Some marine life animals are endangered. Choose one to learn more about and why it is

18. Watch a movie or read a book about marine life or ocean related items.

19. The brown pelican is a large bird that lives along the coast of oceans. What is a pouch
and how do they use it to catch fish? Learn about one bird that lives near the ocean or sea.
Examples: Seagull, puffin, penguin, or egret.

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