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Norway Manual

Our Price: $6.50

What is included in the Norway Country Manual? [40 pages] Learn about Norwegian animals, color traditionally clothed paper dolls, make a viking helmet, or kerchief to wear, play Norwegian games and eat food from Norway!

  • Requirements and Answers

  • Festivals and Holidays

  • Traditional Clothing Costume Ideas

  • Games and Legends

  • Crafts and Swap Ideas

  • Recipes

  • Activity Sheets

  • Maps and flag

  • Language Sheet

  • Paper dolls dressed in traditional clothing to color

  • Templates to copy for crafts or swaps

  • The best part is you can copy the games, worksheets, maps, and paper dolls dressed in traditional clothing for the participants learning about this particular country.

    We have already done all the preparation work for you! Our Historically Speaking country manuals includes all the information about the country you need to create a display board about your country and teach the participants educational and exciting things about the country they are studying.

    In addition, they can earn a patch about the unique country they are studying about.

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