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One tree planted in MALAWI

List Price: $5.00
Our Price: $3.00
You save: $2.00 (40%)

$1.00 of the this kit is donated to purchase a tree to be planted for you.
The remainder of the cost of kit is for the patch, sticker, full color postcards and certificate.

Help us plant trees in MALAWI. This project will restore indigenous forest trees to the landscape in cooperation with communities while installing water wells and pumps, as well as fruit trees.

Type of tree that will be planted:
Some of these include indigenous hardwoods such as East African Mahogany, African Teak and several native Acacia species. Useful non-indigenous trees used for medicine, and fruit trees like Mango, Citrus and Pawpaw will also be planted. This project will focus on maximizing tree species diversity, while planting fruit and medicinal trees useful for the community. To maximize the impact of your donation, our partner will determine the most appropriate species of tree to plant, depending on the time of year.

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