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Pinwheels for Peace 2023

List Price: $2.00
Our Price: $1.50
You save: $0.50 (25%)

Patch Details: [2.75 inch patch] 90% embroidered. Pinwheels blowing in the wind with a peaceful sun.

To earn this patch:
1. Decorate the pinwheel template using your imagination and artistic skills. Click here for the pinwheel template

2. Write on the back what peace means to you. What gives you the feeling of peace and calmess? It could be a family trips, friendship, happy emotions, your favorite place or thing, family, achievements, or helping others.

3. Create your pinwheel by folding it together and attaching to a pencil.

4. Plant it somewhere so everyone can see it. You will need permission to plant them in a public facility. You can place it at your home.

5. Don't forget to order your official patch.

6. You can also print certificates for reward ceremonies.

CLICK MORE INFO for the official Pinwheels for Peace site.

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