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Princess Scout (AQUA and GOLD Metallic)

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Patch Details: [3 inch wide] 100% embroidered--gold metallic thread

What is a Princess Scout? Someone who does good things for others and looks to better themselves on the inside.

All ages need to only complete ONE REQUIREMENT Complete a requirement every year to earn the next year bar.

1. KINDNESS AND HONESTY - To be compassionate to others and their feelings. Start with truthfulness with yourself, once you find that you can be sincere with kindness to others. Give of yourself and give freely without the thought of receiving a reward in return. Examples: Create a coupon book, make valentines for veterans, use your old jeans and cut out shoe patterns for Sole Hope, spring baskets for women’s shelter or volunteer.

2. TALENT AND SELF AWARENESS– Natural qualities or abilities of your personality. Be aware of your talents and recognize what you are good at and what you want to achieve. Some common talents are: Music, art, teaching, singing, poetry, dancing, etc. Choose one of your talents and share it with others OR improve one of your talents by practicing more OR learn a new skill in your talent area OR complete a community service project by using your talent skills OR choose something you are not good at and improve it OR learn tea or better table manners.

3. IMAGINATION AND CURIOSITY-The ability to create something from your own ideas and exploring your world for new ideas. By using your imagination and curiosity you will continue to learn and grow using your creativity. Draw a picture, decorate cards for soldiers, create stockings for children, make up a game, make up a dance to a song, add new endings to games, story, or skit. The options are open, just use your imagination.

4. LOVE AND EMPATHY- Show a feelings of affection towards others. Help someone in need. Be buddy to someone or be helpful to someone. You choose the project or good deed.

5. FRIENDSHIP AND FORGIVENESS - Being trustworthy and affectionate. To show understanding and no resentment against another person. Befriend someone new or make-up with a friend that you had a little spat with a while back.Make new friends but keep the old.

6. KNOWLEDGE AND SETTING GOALS- Being perceptive and eager to learn. "Never stop learning for the knowledge of something new and fruitful is never to old to learn" "You can learn something new everyday" Set a goal to learn a new skill. Examples: Hiking, sewing, art, photography, scrapbooking, be more organized, better grades in school, OR share something you learned with others to spread the knowledge.

7. HELPFULNESS AND TEAMWORK- Providing assistance or a service to others in need; showing a willingness to cooperate with others. "a child who is helpful around the house can save the mother many steps". Complete a project that helps others by assisting your parents at home, reach out to your community or organization. Complete a project on your own or with your group. Use teamwork to assign different items to each person. Examples: Donate your used coat to the needy, make shoeboxes for children around the holidays, sock angel for elderly, sing carols, make muffins for a shelter, pinwheels for peace, OR eyeglasses for the needy.

8. CONFIDENCE- Believe in yourself and you can achieve anything. Don't let anything knock you down or bully you. Make a list of all the positive things about you OR participate in an Anti-bully program OR use your strengths to help others or complete a project or achieve a goal. Examples: Sock March for anti-bully program, earn an award or badge, make decisions on purchases like school clothes or presents for others.

9. PROSPERITY - Advance or gain in anything good or desirable. Make successful progress in any goal or good fortune. To be successful, work hard for a goal and achieve it. Examples: Raise your grades, collect books for the less fortunate, keep your room clean for a month.

10. INTEGRITY- Freedom from corrupting influence or quality or feeling of completeness. Say "no" to something that you know your parents or elders have taught that was wrong. OR, do something that you always wanted to do or something that makes you feel good inside. (Re-organize your room, paint a beautiful picture, or pamper yourself or a member of your family. Have a girl party and invite all your friends, do your nails, hair and tell each other why they are a good person).

11. LEADERSHIP–Learn how to make decisions and take responsibility for yourself or other people. Simple basic decision making leadership skills include: Making choices between activities, should I purchase this item and what are the pros and cons, deciding on a goal for yourself to accomplish, communicate decisions when it is a group or family discussion, taking responsibility for chores builds leadership skills, having a game night helps children play by rules and make decisions, and older children can assist with younger children.

12. RESPECT- Gain self-esteem for yourself and learn to respect your elders or authority figures; having a courteous regards for people's feelings. Complete a good deed for a someone in need.

MOTTO: "Do not let anyone make you think less of yourself. You are a princess, a wonderful person, and you always will be."

Every girl and woman is a princess, young, old, rich or poor. But remember, just because you are a princess doesn't mean you are any better than anyone else. It simply means you believe in yourself and that you will try to be the best person you can be. A true princess will always befriend all her fellow sisters. She will lend a helping hand to her neighbors, family and friends.

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