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Quarantined Patch Program (7 left)

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Unique patch to earn while we are being quarantined.

Patch Program

1. Stay Active while you are quarantined in your home.

Stay Active with your Mind: Complete puzzles, word searches, play a memory game, read a book, complete one of our fun kits. start a journal, board games, write a poem, story or song, learn a new skill, knit, crochet, latch hook, embroidery, cook, construct something with your hands like jewelry, diorama, or doll accessories, or create something in the kitchen, solve a mystery in a book or kit.

Stay Active with Scouting or Clubs: Complete a badge or project, watch a slide show on how to earn a patch, complete a scrapbook, make smores, sing songs, make swaps and have a camp in, earn camp home patch, watch a movie and reach out to members after and discuss the plot and ending.

Stay Active with Exercise:You can complete simple stretches and basic strengthening exercises. You can also participate in a virtual meeting with others to complete yoga or view a simple program online or on TV. Examples: leg lifts, jogging in place, walking, back and leg stretches.

2. Be Creative and finish some projects you started, create a scrapbook, decorate a box for your supplies or fun accessories, create a hair clip, decorate your room, complete one of our fun kits, complete a puzzle, create a collage, pottery kit, jewelry, sand art, embroidery, weaving, crochet, knit, tie blankets, design a comic strip, use your imagination and create something with art supplies.

Choose a letter of the day, complete an activity OR watch a show OR movie with that letter. Set a goal to complete something daily with a different letter of the alphabet. A= make an apple dip, arts and crafts, learn about astronomy or animals, accordion folded book, watch Alice in wonderland. The ideas are endless.

3. Help Others in your home or reach out those in need. Make cards for friends and relatives and mail them. Send a kind note to someone you appreciate.

Help your parents around the house. Examples: Help with dinner, take care of the pet, spend quality time with your family and have game night, help your siblings with chores or homework, tidy the house, keep your items tidy or put them away when you are done, recycle, set the table, sweep the floor, or complete all your chores on time.

Complete community service programs that are safe and helpful. Example: Create thank you pinwheels, (plant in front of your house and show your thankful for deliveries etc), poppies for the veterans museum, make masks, make cardz for kidz or letters to ladies and they will deliver them for you, recycle your crayons or markers, sort through your items in your room, make boxes of items you no longer need and donate them when you can.

4. Virtual Time Try to face time, Skype, Zoom or other virtual safe programs approved by your parents, to reach out to others, complete school work, scouting meetings, friend gatherings, virtual parties, and more.

Reaching out to elderly members in your family or people you usually see will show that you are there for them and thinking of them. You may need to call them if they are not able to use the computer for virtual time.

When you are apart, you can still feel like you are together. Talk to friends and listen to their day. Compliment your friends or share some fun activities with them. Paint your nails, listen to music, sing songs, or make snacks together.

Stay home and safe and catch up on your reading, movies, activities or learn a new skill.

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